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Your hair is an extension of your identity. Let us help express yours, with the best hairstyle for any mood, personality or occasion. You’ll be “Turning Hedz” in no time.


Services Description Price
Retouch Looking to cover your sparkle or just refresh your existing grown out haircolour.  This is meant for colour matching existing colour.  If you are looking for a full colour change please consult your stylist prior to your appointment to discuss your corrective procedure.
From $60
Retouch & Balance Balancing allows us to refresh your existing colour treated hair from scalp to ends in the most gentle way possible. Colorance colour used through the ends of the hair contains Intralipid Technology which actually repairs the hair from the inside out From $90
Dimensional Colouring Dimensional colouring is a great way to take your flat one tone haircolour and create depth and reflection. Through the use of many techniques including balayage, block colouring, highlights and or lowlights we are also able to give the illusion of thicker hair, longer hair as well as compliment your hair cut to alter face shapes. Consult Stylist for Pricing
Accents No need to do an entire head or half head of highlights to create an impact. Talk to your stylist about adding some dimension in smaller quantities. Accents can be used to create a soft sun kissed appearance or colour with a pop all based on how we decide to place your accent shades. Consult Stylist for Pricing

(Full Head Application)

Elumen hair colour has a revolutionary patented technology that is recommended by Sunnybrook hospital for being 100% PPD free (leading cause of hair colour allergies) From $120

(Ammonia Free)

Nectaya is a super nurturing ammonia free haircolour enriched with deep conditioning Argan oil.  IntraLipid Technology replenishes lost lipids inside the hair. Fantastic for those client who are sensitive to scents as well as Nectaya has only 100% natural fragrances From $70

The pricing listed is based on booking with an intermediate stylist. Prices may also vary depending on individual hair needs. Pricing cannot be guaranteed without an in person consultation. Please note that pricing for colour services does not include a haircut or blow out.

Cut & Style



Child’s Cut (0-9 yrs)






Tween Haircut and Style (10-13)



Student Haircut and Style (14+ with valid student ID)



Haircut and Style



Blow Out



Flat Iron + Curling

+ $10

+ $10

**All haircut prices are listed as a starting price.
Services that take longer due to extra hair length or density will be subject to an additional charge at the stylists discretion.
Special Occasion Styling Please Inquire


Treatment    Description   Price       
Neuma Scalp & Hair Treatments Discover how Neuma’s treatments leave you hair and scalp feeling healthier,  revitalized, nourished and more manageable.

From $40

Bond Pro Treatment Can be done as a stand alone treatment service or as an add on during a colour treatment. Stand alone treatment from $40, add on with colouring service from $25 (strengthens finer hair and supports bond stability. Prevents hair breakage after coloration, lightening by supporting the bond at its current strength.)

From $25


*We reserve the right to change prices without notice.

Each appointment is subject to a $2.60 Green Circle Health & Sustainability Fee which helps to pay for the collection and proper disposal of items that normally can not be recycled or are washed down the drain.  All of our foils, hair clippings and chemical waste (to name a few items) are recycled or treated to be disposed of in the safest and most eco friendly manner possible. This includes a PPE Recovery Program to allow all PPE to be disposed of and recycled in the safest most eco friendly way possible. Please ask us if you are interested in more information.