Safe Beauty – Why all the Fuss?

Charlotte Singh-Dhanraj, Junior Stylist, Turning Hedz Creations Hair Studio It is my absolute pleasure to be guest posting on the blog today, especially about a topic I am so passionate about: “Safe Beauty.” For those of you that are new to the term “safe beauty,” you may be wondering: what’s all the fuss about? Was this term created to cause yet another health panic? No, but it’s worth understanding so that you can make better… Continue reading Safe Beauty – Why all the Fuss?

A Beginner’s Guide to Baby’s First Haircut

In conjunction with this post, Turning Hedz is launching a promotion of 20% off all Glop & Glam shampoo, conditioner, detangler and styling today through the middle of September, while supplies last. Glop & Glam is a natural and organic hair care collection for children, formulated to be naturally tear-free and without parabens, alcohol and sulfates. Each product has been infused with blends of nutrient-rich raw extracts like Aloe, Echinacea and Green Tea, so your child’s hair stays nourished and full of moisture. There’s also a blend of Andiroba Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Quassia Amara Wood… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Baby’s First Haircut

Is Your Kid’s Hair Turning Green in the Pool?

Spoiler Alert: It’s not the chlorine. Summer’s here, which means swimming season is upon us. From pool lessons to lake swims, chances are your kids are going to get wet, which means their hair will be exposed to all of the wonderful chemicals and minerals found in treated and untreated water, which could result in (gasp) green hair! I’ve had a few clients at Turning Hedz recently ask me how to keep their daughters’ hair… Continue reading Is Your Kid’s Hair Turning Green in the Pool?